Outdoor Roll Up

Outdoor Roll Up

X stand with water fill base

  • banner 45 x 158 cm
  • outdoor x stand banner, foldable for transport
  • the base can be filled with water
  • carry bag
  • price : 86,00 €/excl VAT
Outdoor Roll Up

Pavement Sign XL

  • easy to transport
  • 2 banners in A stand : 200 x 220 cm
  • 2 water tank base
  • price : 326,00 €/excl VAT
Outdoor Roll Up

Outdoor Roll ups and displays

Outdoor roll up

Classic roll up, size 85 x 200 cm, designed for outdoor use. 
  • Zwart gelakte en verzwaarde voetstuk (21 kg)
  • double sided print, back to back
  • base with wheels and


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  • Quality and durability

  • Committed to a job well done

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